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So after an amusing weekend of KTV, jiaozi and Italian dinner I suppose I should let you know what has been happening right??
Well…. Where to start?? Lewis came over for the weekend. So that was cool. Saturday night we all went to KTV with some of the grade three students. It was absolutely hilarious!! First we went out to dinner. Fried rice anybody?? Oh don’t forget the chilli!! It wouldn’t be a Yunnan dish without it! (I’m serious, chilli overload. I have actually reached the stage where my tastebuds actually CRAVE chilli! There is deffers something wrong here; western food is going to be so boring!) but chilli aside, dinner was yummmmmm! Green veggies, chilli, RICE and some miscellaneous meat. (I did not wish to question its origin….)

Then off to KTV!! Woot! Lol we all piled into the taxi and off we sped (oh I think I should mention that the taxies here are not conventional taxis with four wheels. They are motorcycle taxis, so 3 wheels and a carriage) to KTV tallyho! May I spare you the disturbing hilarities of KTV and its resulting revelations; the realisation of the meanings of Maroon 5’s songs (aided by VERY graphic videos).
Hmmm……. Well that was Saturday night. Space jump to Sunday morning. All three of us woke up, looked at the time and went “oh you are frigging kidding” so as you may assume, really couldn’t be bothered at this stage. Come 9:30am two students knocked on the door to see if we were ready, and ready we were indeed not. So they came back at 10:30am and all 9 of us wandered down to the Sunday markets. All I have to say is WOW! Bugger the Yearing Station farmers market; bugger the Yarra Glen/ Healesville markets. This brought a whole new meaning to the word “produce market”. The sounds and smells were both amazing and un-nerving. Decapitated pig anyone? Cattle skull with its brains dripping out the back of it? Oh wait, what’s that at your feet? Look down and hold your nose because it is indeed all the juices of these awaiting morsels. Tread carefully!! :P Wandering to the back of the meat markets (aka open air butcher and OH&S nightmare!) we purchased 200 dumpling skins that were round and square. Hilarious, 200 who would have guessed??

Followed up by wandering back through the butchers to buy 3kg of pork belly (minced before us) and much haggling was had here I will have you know. To the stall on the other side to buy salt, soy sauce, red vinegar and god only knows what else, then garlic, spring onions, and a little ginger added to our bags as we strolled through the fruit and veg market, munching on sweet potato pancakes (or that’s what they looked/ tasted like anyway) and piling back into the infamous motorcycle taxies! Coolah! Colay!! To the flat to make jiaozi we go!!!
Well clean hands and massive bowls and knives crowded around our tiny coffee table to mix up the shredded veges into the mince, whilst a massive pot simmered away in the kitchen awaiting our culinary master pieces. Well stuffing jiaozi skins with our fingers was one thing, but seriously, stuffing them using chopsticks added a whole new level of amusement to the task. Fold once, water, fold this corner, water and fold that corner. Voulla!! You have a dumpling! And into the pot she flies! (just kidding, we didn’t throw them, just dumped them 30 at a time into the boiling water) well all I can say is YUMO!! You don’t know how good they really are until you make them yourself I must say indeed. So go make some guys, its toats yum, and have them in soup too. 很好

Well I suppose I should update you on this week whilst I’m here hey? *sips pu’er tea thoughtfully* This week. What to say….. Oh yeah here we go, my lesson for this week is adjectives (or describing words for my fellow English grammar retards) so what I am doing is playing vocabomb with 8 words (Kangaroo, Emu, Platypus, Echidna, Koala (they love this one), gum tree, mammal and marsupial). Now some words have a bomb next to them, if they say this word they lose a point, the class is in two teams and the first to 15 wins. It is rather hilarious. “Ech-nida” and “Platy-psssss” you really need to hear it, you would be in hysterics too!! I’ve got flashcards with the animal on them and get the kids to describe them to me to answer the question: A …………. is an animal that….. apparently they all look like some form of mutilated pig/ dinosaur to them but hey, they are describing so I don’t mind too much plus it is quite amusing. Ending the class with a “create-your-own-critter” session. A peanut shaped body is drawn on the board and the kids do the rest. (go the chalk board!) red, green, purple, blue, green, yellow and white chalk are a go! I will upload the pictures later when I have all 12 (as there is 12 classes) they are defiantly too good to ruin with my descriptions, you will just have to wait and see. 

Oh also. It has been so frigging freezing!! I thought I left the crappy weather back in Melbourne. It was 25˚C on Monday and it suddenly dropped to bloody 4˚C over night. Bye bye hot shower, hello bird bath yet again. Fml to the maxxx!! Lol. Well the weather is still ridiculous, it has been snowing in Kunming (spring city my ass) and also in Tonghai which is 45km up the road. The kids say that Eshan is too deep in the valley for it to fall as snow here (but it has been falling in interchangeable intervals of sleet and drizzle) So I’ve been wearing so many clothes it is mental (none of the classrooms/apartments have heaters) so tights, jeans, socks, hiking boots, 2 singlets, long sleeve top, Sion sports jumper, big over coat and beanie it is!!! Woot! Lol. Going to go buy some gloves tomorrow morning just haven’t got around to it yet. Tonghai for the weekend with a couple of students (which will be fun) hiking up the mountains there, looking at the temples and lakes, we have been told that Tonghai is “beautiful” by so many of the students so we thought we would check it out. :P

Until next time peeps!

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