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So closes another day in sunny 峨山, the pink sun set is settling heavily on the egg shell blue and yellow buildings outside my lounge room window. I must tell you all about the unfolding of the previous night as much fun was had. Jewel, Jason, Chris, Cassie and Hawking came knocking on our door at about the same time as now, 7pm, bearing strange Vietnamese cakes and laughter. We sat around until about 11:30pm talking and laughing, taking many photos. We were supposed to be learning Mandarin but it was more fun to laugh in English rather than study, and laugh we did.

Today however it was up early and scoff down hot porridge as I ran to class at 8:30am (see I’m still hopeless at keeping to times!) Class 6, grade 2 an amusing bunch of kids who seemed to know what I was on about (thank goodness!!) Class 6 actually produced the first student to tell me what Halloween was,(we have been looking at international festivals in case you were wondering) standing up straight away and reciting the definition of Halloween, “a festival traditionally celebrating the spirits of the dead but now an opportunity for kids to eat candy, formally known as All Hallows Eve”. Well you can imagine my face after that one!! Out of the 6 odd classes I had previously taught the lesson to she was the first out of 360 students to be able to tell me what it was before I told them in Chinese! Amazing! There is intelligence in the system yet!! Lol well that was a shocker!

Shock two followed later in the day in grade 8 (I think I have found my favourite class FYI) the children’s costumes seemed hilarious, many had massive feathered plumes coming from their imaginary masks and the boys seemed to all want to be super heroes. The class, like all things in life, had its little hiccups, such as at the start. I should explain that I begin the class with a game, so I can learn their names, gauge how shy they are etc. To do this, I have been throwing a footy around the class, generally at people who seem to not be paying attention aiming just higher than their heads or tower of books, enough to wake them up. Well…. This one student happened to look up as it began whistling past her head, collecting her square in the cheek. Luckily it wasn’t pumped up all the way so shouldn’t have hurt that much but omg felt like the biggest bully ever!! But all was good and we carried on with the lesson. At the end of the class one of the students came up to me all coy like and dropped a slip of paper on my desk saying the following: “can you take photos with me?” awwww so cute!!! Well we took a few photos outside, and then the rest of the class came out and lined up on the stairs, tugging me into the middle and passing my camera to a passing teacher. Photos photos photos!!! Lol so ima make it my goal to get a class photo of each class I teach. This is going to be fun!

Today (11th March 2011) I was woken at 5am by mother dearest and her frantic texting. Yes mum I’m alive, no mum I did not even feel it, it was about 800km west of me and not strong enough (but would have slept through it anyways :P ) its ok ma, love ya xx
So with my early start I checked out the news here, not a word until I switched to cctv9 (English news) and even then it was only 10 seconds long. “Earthquake in Yingjian County, Yunnan and Burma. China to send aid to Burma” or something along those lines and that was that.

Class 9 this morning. Well what to say? They seemed half asleep to tell the truth, Nat sat in on the lesson, shame cause the one after was hilarious, so I skip forward to class 4. I walked in and one of the kids stood up and shouted (with very strong Chinese accent) “G’DAY MATE!” couldn’t help but laugh, as did the rest of the class. So with the hilarities aside I picked up the chalk and began to teach about international festivals. (so amazing, someone yelled out “Halloween!” and when asked to spell it for me he wrote the following on the black board: “hawlloween” cute.) But I have found one of my other favourite classes, I know, I know, not supposed to have favourites, but trust me, it’s hard not to. Class 4 also had the most people with English names which was nice; Xavier, Rainbow, Jenny and “Rose, as in Jack and Rose from Titanic” (I think we’ve a Titanic nutt on our hands!)

I am thinking of starting an AFL club on the weekends, some of the students I have shown seem quite keen and it is too difficult to organise during the week. So Sunday mornings on the oval I will (hopefully) be running AFL sessions so will need to write a notice for the bulletin (which is a 15ft blackboard outside!) in perfect Chinese, don’t fail me now!! Woooo!!! Lol

As to this weekend, Lewis is coming over (yay) so we shall do a few things. KTV Saturday night with some of the grade three students (高三) Jewel, Cassie, Jason, Chris, and Hawking which will be hilarious I hope. Then Sunday morning some of Nat’s grade one (高一) students will be coming to take us shopping in Eshan (峨山) to buy the ingredients to make jiaozi (dumplings) and then a lunch party with most of our English corner group. Also, for the long weekend we have been invited to Tonghai (通海) by Gin (or Gaga as we like to call him) to meet his family and see the sights (hopefully, he needs to check first).

So until next time,
Zaijian! 再见!

Your chineseified traveller,

PS: I forgot what I was going to say, should come to me later. :P be good! xx
PPS: I remember now. fixed the shower (good bye kettle bird bath!!) stupid me didn't open the hot tap's lever thingie. oops. :P

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