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They say that leaving family is difficult. If that is true then I don't know what the kids at 民中are too me because it was harder than leaving behind my family at Tullamarine. Nat and I had packed up our stuff, tidied the flat by 10am. There was nothing left to do but wait and relish as the hightened sence of distress settled in, holding us hostage and refusing to let us be. Noon came and with it our final hour officially at our home of four months and our new and firm family. Helen, Mona, Graham, Jack and Gin came to the flat to have lunch with us. Helen and Mona rather somber looking and Graham his usual aloof self (glad to see it wasn't affecting him much).

Lunch was lunch, banter and chatter nothing quite out of the usual apart from Nats red nose and extra shiny eyes.... ;) Got back to the flat and that's when doom set in..... we were all quite depressed and then Lucy showed up in her usual way to say goodbye and such. All of us stood outside the flat in all its random pinkness and took group photos and hugged eachother saying we would see eachother soon. And that's when the tears began to flow..... there was not a single dry eye to be seen!! Was sooooo distressing I don't know how it was done bt it was all over in a flash as we rode away on the school bus to the bus station in 峨山with my bike (the bloody thing).

Got to Kunming said goodbye to Lewis as we chucked him in a cab to "The Hump Hostel" (yes that's its actual name) and Nat and I went to the train station... that's where my troubles really began.

So as it turns out, buying a bike wasn't exactly the wisest of decisions...
Problem 1.
In my heightened stage of emotional unstableness I had a mini break down at the station when the woman at the gate wouldn't let me in with it. (there was several back and forth calls to Gin to help out, gotta love him, little legend!) Got it sorted that I needed to put it in the luggage carrage. (this was after I had changed my train tickets).

Got the train over night where a lovely woman took it upon herself to makesure I got off at the right stop (as the attendents were virtually useless!) Slept horrendously ( I know, spelling but no spell check here) and woke up at 4:30am in Guangxi Provence to the sight of mossy green, karst peaks peering through the mist. Very nice. Got off the train, realised I was going to have to cancel my connecting train to Beihai due to the bike issue, did that. Blah blah blah.... So the people at KM train station said my bike would be on the same train. This brings me to problem 2. by 12pm my bike still hadn't arrived not happy Jan. So thought, sod it, I'm going to leave it here in Nanning. So I booked a connecting train to Beihai and was on my merry way again to the most southern city in China.

Train was uneventful, slept for most of it. Got into Beihai, hot, sweaty and exhausted. It was sooooo humid!

Next day and refreshed and inigorated I took off in search of the international ferry terminal. Took me 2hrs and then I gave up, got in a motorcycle taxi and went there. Got my over night ferry ticket for 120yuan all by myself (so proud). With my head held high I went back out to the main road and hailed a taxi back into town to the Old Town. It was quite nice strolling around in the hot sun looking at the archetecture. You could sooooo tell that Europeans had made it their base at some stage (although why I will never know, far too hot for them me thinks) walking along and stupid me managed to get my boot laces hooked on the eye of my other boots, went A over T killed my left knee something shocking and grazed my face too. Luckly for me I managed to go outside a chemist who was also an English student so she patched me up and sent me on my merry way. Ferry over was cool. Think 1950s era Navy bunks, thats what I slept in. comfy....

Got to Haikou 1hr ahead of schedual so 5:30am instead of 6:30am. Got in a taxi and went to the bus station and headed to Wuzhishan in the centeral highlands of Hainan. Very nice.... Green and cool. Went to the doctor about my knee (he looked a bit worried at the awful mess that is my knee) which was hurting so much that every step made me want to hurl it hurt so much! Wuzhishan was pretty uneventful spent most of it hunkered in the AC of my room sleeping. Healing really takes it out of you, that and may have had mild concussion, but thats just being melodramatic I think. Was super sleepy.

Bus to Sanya was awesome! 2hrs winding through the highlands to the most southern city in China! WOOOOOOO!!! Got to Sanya, far less humid here which is veryyyy nice. dumped my bags in a room and strolled down to the beach and meandered along the roasting sand! very nice. Had dinner along the sea side with an exquisit view of the setting sun over a seafood dinner which was very expensive and delicious. :P

So I've made it to my first stop on my China travels; Sanya. The most Southern City in China. With a few minor set backs. I may be half cripple and every fiber in me may be yelling at me to get out of the tropics so I can heal but stuff it, you're only 18 and foolish once so lets do it :P

Stay safe m'dears and be good.

(sorry I couldnt upload the photos for you, I've put some on FB. hopefully they load)

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wow! Eventful start to your travels. Take it easy, heal fast and enjoy the ride!

by Paul

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