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So, this week has been interesting to say the least. Got back from Tonghai and just veged in the flat for a few days as the students had exams. (I may have already mentioned some of this so sorry guys).

Been thinking heaps, Nat buggered off to Yuxi with Lewis so had some peace and quiet. blah blah blah. boring.....
Then on Tuesday when I was brushing my teeth I felt some of the water sneak down the back of my throat and it was at that moment my brain went "ohhhh oh oh oh!! you've done it now. Suffer foreigner!!"

I'll straighten a few things out here. We double boil and strain our drinking water here. Sometimes the shower splutters and the water turns muddy brown. Every tap does this, usually there is a conciderable amount of dirt in the water. However despite all this we brush our teeth with water straight from the tap. Too much of a hassle to boil it and have it in a bowl. You would think that despite all the gunge-ness of the water we woul dhave the sense not to put it in our mouth right? Wrong.

So brushing my teeth and i feel less than a teaspoon dribble down the back of my throat. I knew from that moment that the rest of the week was going to be absolutely terrible! Carried on with my day, attempted to make a banana cake using a recipie I had found on the internet using a rice cooker. Not a good idea. turned out stodgey as all hell, crunchy on the outside and more like pudding than cake. Tastes ok but not what I was hoping for. Dissapointment one.

Dissapointment two: woke up at about 1am and knew that I was in for the ride of my life. Was awake the rest of the night attempting not to hurl. Nat came home on Wendsday and told of her (slightly) amusing battle with the mosquitoes in Lew's flat.

Wendsday was yeh whatever, wrote a lesson plan; Debating whether or not it was benificial to learn English and why they think it can be detrimental. Very funny, students were screaming at eachother and ceased the opportunity to air their frustrations and hate for the English language, as did I whilst standing at the back of the class trying not to chunder everwhere.

Dissapointment three: So, 2 months, 2 weeks into China and I had not been sick yet. Well my number was called. Absolute doozey. Spent the whole night with my new best friend Loo. We are rather aquainted now, perhaps you have also met? So running on a third day of no sleep (woo.....) utterley exhausted and litterally green, but on to class and an adrenalilne rush! (I should point out at this point I could have called in sick, but I didn't want to). That evening Nat and I were asked to go to Huaning Number One Middle School (华宁一中)to judge a English speaking competition. Food. Baijiu. Anti-nausea medication from Nat's stash (which made me sooooo drowsey). 16 speaches. Was on the verge of sleep. But all good. Made it back to Minzhong and passed out on the bed for about 2hrs..... spent the rest of the night with my new "BMA".

Nat taught my classes in the morning and I finally managed to sleep. Got up at lunch time. woo.... still felt like crap. Lucy calls. Students from Tonghai Number 8 middle school are coming tonight, can you guys talk to them? Sure...... 202 students. Hardly a word of English it would seem. Lucy translated virtually everything. I went to get some papers from the flat half way through, on my way back walked pass some teachers from the visiting school. The said "waiguo!! (foreigner)" at this my neck was like rubber, at this point one of the other teachers said "ta tingbudo yingwei tashi waiguo (don't worry, she can't understand cause she is a foreigner)" well you can imagin how much fun I wanted to have with that one eh?? I stopped. Looked him square in the eye and said the following "tingde. wo xuele hanyu qinian (actually I do understand, I studied Chinese for 7 years)" and continued on my path. The guy was scarlett and looked like I had slapped him. All the other teachers were in awe, jaws on the floor. Our Headmaster laughing his head off. Absolute classic.

Mum rang near the end, I excused myself, grateful to get out of there. Chatting away to ma, I walked to the stairs and sat down, commanding a view of the basketball courts, some of the students playing on them, other students standing on the balconies of their class rooms between classes. Talking to mum just soaking in the atmosphere, feeling slightly ill but not as bad as in the past. Thought she said something along the lines of we had to throw out a few of your things (had slightly tuned out) and I said, yeh all cool, whatever. Then she repeted herself and it was like a stone had dropped square on my head. "We surrendered Charlie last week". Well as you can imagine. Slightly distraught at this stage. But I knew it was bound to happen whilst I was away, was half expecting it to tell the truth, but it still felt like I'd been bashed over the head with a fry-pan. Not much sleep again, stared at the spots on the ceiling and listened to mossies until 10am.

Bummed on the internet this morning. Talked to a few people. Talked to maggot a bit then she called and told me that she rang the pound this morning to see how he was going. Turns out that Charlie failed his tests "miserably", tried to bite the vet (told them it would happen) and had been put down that morning. Well. Quite dumbfounded at that, it sunk in that I wouldn't see him again, wouldnt get to say good bye. Nothing. Dearest friend gone just like that and there was essentially bugger all I could do from about 10,000km away. :(

So, moral of the story. Don't drink the water in China, not only does it make you sick as all hell, but it pulls out the cork on an absolutely SHIT week ending in nothing more than utter disbelief.

Have a good one guys, and Em. go do those papers or whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing.

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Roll on next week... can't be any worse. Poor you! Chin up.

by Paul

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