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The week that was (2 weeks ago, forgot to post) :P

quite possibly the most uninspiring thus far. :)

sunny 25 °C

Currently sitting in the sun, with my laptop on the cold stone table and little more than the sounds of birds twittering, MGMT and clanging metal poles from the builders. Yet another tranquil Monday afternoon in Minzhong.

Well the weather is amazing! It has been something around the region of 25-28 degrees for the last few weeks and it is lovely and yes, believe it or not there is actual birds singing! None of the caged birds you hear in the park but free birds (mainly finches me thinks). So the last week has been relatively unexciting, so not much to report I am saddened to say. But a week in silence is often followed by a week of madness around here so here goes nothing!!

Helen the magnificent visited this week. I know I know, I can hear you saying “who the hell is Helen the magnificent”?? Well my puzzled and remotely envious readership let me fill you in on a thing or two! Helen is quite possibly one of the best people you could meet, English and Chinese and all round nice guy. She is one of the Lattitude leaders and chief problem solver for us volunteers (should any arise). So it was very nice to put a face to the name.  So she came Wednesday (I think) and brought Lewis up with her. So the four of us and the heads of Minzhong had dinner and lunch together the following day. Helen, Lucy, Mr Ding (headmaster Ding, not Chinese teacher Ding)Nat and I had a meeting where we just discuss things in general, see how things are going and what not. But no problems or major requests to be made so it was all good . She came bearing Easter eggs too which was like OMG NORMAL CHOCOLATE!!! (Seriously guys you do not know how bad I’ve been hanging for some decent, non-Chinese Dove chocolate!) Cadbury’s FTW! Well what can I say? Once a chocoholic always a chocoholic. :P

It has been basketball night for the last two weeks for the grade one students which is pretty cool. They get really into it here. No, no I don’t think you understand what I'm saying here they are REALLY into it. Forget the kiddies back home being really into Auskick, it is more like the over-enthusiastic parents on the sidelines shaking and screaming in support of their child and when the ref picks on that kid well then all I have to say is WATCH OUT REF!! as they duck from a flying water bottle full of stones. I'm not kidding they are really into it people. But it has been cool, playing basketball with the kiddies after the matches, shouting and screaming (in Chinese) with them JIA YOU! JIA YOU! (Come on! Come on!) pretty cool guys.

Oh and skipping back to last Monday evening. (jeez I'm just all over the place at the moment aren’t I?) well, last week we met up with another foreign English teacher, from England of all places (I'm surrounded and severally outnumbered! Calling for back up!) well Ellen (who we initially thought was Allen as the students that told us about her kept referring to her as Allen and he, so may I say slightly shocked at the revelation that Allen was Ellen, most disappointing…. Nahhhhh just kidding, she was awesome and amusing). Well we discovered that there were 8 other foreigners there (apart from Ellen and Alex (from Norway)). So you can imagine the slight excitement that evening.  So sent mum a text at a time I later worked out to be about midnight her time (sorry ma) saying something along the following lines;

Hey ma, currently in a bar with Nat and Lewis. Met 2 other English teachers. I’ll have a English/Norwegian cocktail with a dash of Aussie please.

Received a phone call from Mandi which was nice and unexpected. Took me literally 3mins to click who I was talking to, epic fail on my behalf. But it was good to chat with favourite Aunt (had to put that in otherwise I may have my neck wrung when I get home, just kidding, she is my fav.) :P ummm….. what else to report????

OH YEAH!!! Almost forgot. Today’s class. Soooooo funny!! Got there, they looked less than lack-luster at the thought of “omg the loopy Aussie teacher who is way too energetic for her own good is here, FML to the max” well they had to think of their “ideal world” which was amusing in itself, cubes and pyramids anyone?? Well one of the requirements was what language do you speak on your world and how do you say hello? Well the last group to get up said the following;

“…Our planet would be a pyramid. People would have one eye and massive mouths. To get there you fly on a cloud and to say “hello” you give each other a little kiss and hug….”

Next thing I knew, the whole class was yelling HOW DO YOU SAY HELLO? (In Chinese) and before I knew what was going on the two boys in the group kissed each other (not full on but just to the side of the mouth) and hugged. EVERYONE was pissing themselves laughing it was so unexpected. Well that is the highlight of my week thus far. Going to be hard to top but you never know what may come up in these schools, very amusing to say the least.
Figured out where I'm going after I’ve finished my placement (finally) so yay and have been told that I will not have to leave china to get a new visa (thank you Helen!!)
I think I may chuff now, the sun has buggered off behind some clouds so I'm going to go find it again. Be good and catch ya later people.

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